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Why are group or organization important to the people?

Why are group or organization important to the people?

In my country, Indonesia, there is a prevalent belief that all problems must be resolved through discussion. By employing discussion as a means of communication, people can arrive at the fairest and most balanced solutions to problems that are of general concern. However, prior to engaging in any form of discussion, people typically need to learn how to effectively organize themselves within a group. Two key advantages of organization or group participation are leadership development and the fostering of shared beliefs.

Within an organization, a specific structure, commonly referred to as the organizational structure, exists. This structure designates an individual who assumes the role of a trusted leader. This leader is supported by several assistants, while the remaining individuals comprise the group’s membership. To participate effectively in an organization, individuals must learn to respect the leadership while also retaining the ability to question the leader’s decisions if they appear questionable. Individuals who possess strong leadership qualities naturally gain favor among their peers and may eventually attain promotion to higher levels within the organization.

The effective development of organizations signifies the successful operation of the leadership process, resulting in the appropriate functioning of various roles within these organizations. It is evident that a nation comprises numerous organizations, each with its own distinct purpose or mission. When organizational leaders engage with the government, negotiations take place to pursue shared ambitions. In the absence of a healthy organizational culture, friction can easily arise within regions or even across a nation.

In conclusion, organizations play a pivotal role in a nation’s development. Consequently, it is advisable to cultivate a strong organizational culture from the outset and to establish proper mechanisms for resolving issues within organizations to prevent more widespread conflicts in the future.


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