Everybody should be allowed admission to university study programs’ regardless of their academic ability. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The right to obtain an education should be given to every human mainly because education is a vital tool to improve people’s quality of life. If someone becomes more educated, they will likely be more beneficial to society than if they are uneducated. The ability to provide benefits to the public and oneself is the primary reason people must be granted their right to education.

When someone has finished their compulsory education from primary school up to the senior high school level, they usually have the option to join the workforce or continue pursuing an education in college or university. If they choose to work, they will be considered unskilled workers and, therefore, will likely receive a lower overall salary. In contrast, if someone qualifies for a bachelor’s degree, they will be viewed as educated and can work where they are trusted to serve the public. For example, teachers, doctors, and engineers, valuable members of society, all have their qualifications from university studies. Therefore, graduating from university will enable everyone to have a more positive impact as a community member.

When someone enters university, they can build a good social network with equally educated people with the same interest and study backgrounds. They have the chance to reflect daily and be more aware of the world’s competitiveness. With this advantage, people can have the option to live life as they plan and see fit. The situation does not force them, nor do they become a follower. They have the chance to inspire and also to embrace their dream. This freedom will significantly improve people’s happiness instead of having a limited life due to lower education qualifications and the lack of chance to grow with an intellectual and competitive mind. If educated, people can feel more satisfied and have more opportunities to do things as planned.

To sum up, I agree that allowing everyone to obtain a degree from the university is essential. University qualification and education can be the key that people need to help them develop as better partners for developing society. In addition, it allows them to have a better personal life than being uneducated.



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