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As well as making money, business should have social responsibility. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that businesses should share a certain percentage of their profit to help local citizens develop their economy. I agree with this statement as it can promote a sense of fairness and help to provide a better economy which is crucial to improving the quality of life.

First, it is essential to remember that these prestigious companies often create their plants and factories in the middle of the community. Since the factories need to be operated by experts in their fields, local citizens are rarely involved in the production process or as high-level employees. It is pretty standard that the available jobs for the locals are low-level jobs such as security or manual laborers. This fact cannot be denied, and unsurprisingly there will be some sense of unfair treatment to see that all the good positions are given to the “outsiders.” Therefore, social responsibility program is crucial, especially to promote a sense of fairness among the local citizens.

Another perspective that can be helpful is to see that creating an excellent corporate social responsibility program may develop the economy of the locals. It is possible to do this, as most of the employees in top companies are experts in exploiting a business opportunity. For example, the company can train citizens to start a bee farm or have a batik workshop for females. In addition, children can be encouraged to have additional valuable lessons such as music, vocal, or English courses. The idea is quite simple; with more knowledge and education, people will be more skillful and ready to seize available opportunities. In the long term, it will provide a better economy for most of them.

To sum up, maintaining an excellent corporate social responsibility program is undoubtedly acceptable. It can reduce the sense of inequality and even strengthen the economy. Moreover, if it is professionally done, the willingness to share some of the company’s profit may be transformed into a mutual benefit for both parties involved.


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