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Nowadays, communication has undergone a transformation. We used to rely on letters and landline phones, but now they have been replaced by social media as a daily communication tool. Some argue that communication through social media is entirely positive, while others believe that it has a more negative impact. Personally, I believe that communication through social media can bring numerous benefits to those who know how to use it optimally.

One common concern regarding the use of social media as a communication tool is the loss of privacy and the associated high security risks. This is understandable because not everyone is proficient in using social media effectively. For instance, if we use our personal number as our WhatsApp number, anyone can easily track it using the GetContact application, thus revealing our true identity and our close relationships with other contacts. Moreover, if someone saves our name with an offensive word, it can seriously compromise our privacy and tarnish our overall reputation. Additionally, social media platforms like WhatsApp are often vulnerable to scammers and hackers who send phishing applications, aiming to record all input keystrokes and sensitive data from our cellphones. Those who are naive and not up to date with technology are particularly susceptible to such fraud.

On the other hand, the primary advantage of using social media as a communication tool lies in its speed and versatility. Communication via social media can be tailored to individual needs and the level of closeness with the other person. For new acquaintances, simple text messages are typically exchanged. As the relationship grows more intimate, the use of emojis, romantic stickers, voice notes, and video calls becomes more common. Moreover, social media platforms support various attachment features such as web links, audio recordings, PDF files, and photos from cameras, facilitating tasks like sending data and editing documents. Proper and ethical utilization of these features according to individual work requirements can greatly enhance work efficiency.

In my opinion, the positive aspects of communicating through social media have increased my effectiveness in daily work. However, I do acknowledge the need to be cautious about threats such as privacy breaches and data loss. Nonetheless, staying updated with the latest technological developments and using social media wisely can help address these concerns.

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