Young people are more interested in pop singer and movie stars rather than history figure of their own country. Why is this? What can be done to make the young people know more about their own history?

Our teenagers have experienced and are exposed more to the pop culture of the global trend rather than to their own history and important figure of their own nation. This sad situation needs to be improved. This essay talks about the reason behind this phenomenon and the possible solutions for this particular issue.

As technology becomes more advanced each and every day, teenagers are forced to adapt with it and they become what is known as the early adopter of technology. Therefore, their interest is highly engaged to things that are coming in the near future. They do not really think much about past things because in their opinion what important is what is going to come in the future time. As a result, they lack the awareness of anything that is related to the past, namely history, or other important figures that can only be known by reading boring history subjects. They only seek to find information that interests them, such as latest songs or movies, and if it is not interesting, they are not going to spend any time into it.

In order to improve their awareness of national figures who are important such as national heroes or founding fathers, I think it is essential to present the information in a format that can maintain their interest. One way to do this is to create informative video in a Youtube channel and this should be done creatively and interestingly using many effects and fonts and color options that are interesting to look at. Another way is to create an application for mobile phone that contains interactive games and quizzes about our national heroes. By delivering the information in a unique way, it is hoped that the knowledge is more accessible to them rather than delivering it in a plain, boring format.

In conclusion, teenagers need to be reached in a specific way. They are unlikely to touch or read anything that is not colorful and full of text so history books need to be reformatted into a more trendy and acceptable to our current young generation.