Business and cultural exchange between countries is increasing and this is thought to be a positive development by some. However, others believe that it may lead to loss of national identity. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The importance of global trade is known by many as almost all countries these days adopt globalization strategy and utilize export and import to boost their national economy. This brings with it migration flows from one country to another and people have become more mixed and many metropolitan cities have been regarded as a melting pot for individuals from many countries. Still, there is an ongoing debate that this phenomenon is not that positive and may have some kind of disadvantage in the form of the erosion of national values.

When people from other countries come to Indonesia to do their business and stay for several months or years, they also bring along with them their cultures and their habit. Now, the meeting of the two cultures – Western styles and Indonesian culture – is said to be a positive development. For example, international people, unlike Indonesian, are very strict when it comes to time management. Indonesian then can learn how to appreciate time better from their international counterparts. With the better appreciation for time management, it is hoped that many projects can meet the deadline and not get delayed as the usual tradition in Indonesia.

However, it is also known that people from Western culture tend to be permissive when it comes to drinking habit and adultery (sex – out of marriage bonds). If they promote such a habit in their work circle, perhaps Indonesian who do not do this at first, might then be influenced by such a habit. While Indonesian mostly rely on “Jamu”, Western people tend to take drugs or whiskey to numb and escape their problems temporarily. Such a contrast is what people see as a loss of national identity, and although the likelihood is minor, it still worries some people, particularly the religious one.

In my opinion, people should allow business meeting clients and cultural exchange happen naturally. It is not necessary to restrict or to limit anything at all. Each individual has already got their knowledge and morale basis to separate which one is the right thing or the wrong thing to do. Our love towards the national identity should be proven by our willingness to take part in the international stage, and instead of being the influenced ones, be the influencer.

In conclusion, globalization phenomenon is thought to have its pros and cons. I entirely agree that globalization has more positive things attached in it rather than negativity. The negative effect of globalization can be eliminated easily by strengthening our own code and proper conduct.