Essay Task 2

Some people say that the government should decide what subjects a student can study, while others believe the students should decide what they want to study. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It has always been debated whether school subjects should be decided by the governments or follow some sort of individual preference. The right of deciding which subjects to be learned at school, in my opinion, should be in the government’s hand.

I believe that if students are given the chance to choose their own subjects, many of them will avoid subjects they do not like such as mathematics, history or religion. It only makes sense for them to choose things that they consider as easy or fun. However, they do not know that doing so will put them at a disadvantage. For example, not knowing basic math will seriously prevent your ability in understanding other logic based subjects such as physics or chemistry. In addition, without trained logic it will reduce the way you view the world quite significantly and it makes you less complete in a way.

Government consists of boards of experts in education who knows what policy need to be made regarding school curricula. In my view, the result of many meetings discussing students’ future will be related toward the options given to the students in the school. Teachers and the headmasters, for example, will work together to ensure that their students get the best education possible. In other words, this decision is too important to be given to non-expert such as the students itself, because they are prevented by hindsight on knowing what is best for them.

To sum up, I agree that it is the government, and not the students, who should be the one to decide the list of subjects that students must take to have at least the minimum understanding and skills. Students, prior to university level, tend to write off things that may be useful for them in the future, and therefore should not be allowed to choose their own subject.