Essay Task 2

Fewer and fewer young people are choosing to become teachers. Why do young people not want to be teachers? How this could be changed?

The situation in the recruitment and regeneration of teachers currently is pretty bleak. The cause is the unwillingness for people to work as a teacher, even after they graduate from school of teachers. There are two primary reasons on this phenomenon, namely appreciation and career potential.

First of all, teachers these days are not highly appreciated for what they do. In the era where almost everyone can get any information they want from Google, it seems that knowledge is not a thing of secret anymore. Students are fascinated with games and gadgets and they see subjects and teachers as things that prevent them from having fun. Parents want the best results for their children, but most ignore the way their children build the relationship with the teachers. School administrators cannot give exciting salary and teachers have to be satisfied with a minimum income. These are some facts in current world of education that show how unappreciated teacher really is.

In addition, being a teacher is a professional career options. People have a career because they want it to be adequate to hold their family together. However, the financial return gained from teaching is way below what is needed to put children in quality schools these days. The expensive education does not correlate with the increase of teachers’ salary. In fact, most teachers in Indonesia are still underpaid. It is easy to see why this makes teaching an uninteresting career option. The lack of career movement and the boring daily activities, highly demanding jobs, and minimum financial gain all have led to the declining interest for this career.

To solve the problems, both policymakers and school administrators need to reform the way education is held in the school. Respect towards teachers needs to be emphasized and promoted; be it to the students and to the parents. Salary should be increased and there should be a way to value a good teacher who has dedicated all his life to educate his students. In other words, the increase of salary should also be accompanied with an increase in the effort of human touch to lift and respect teacher for noble things they have done all this time.

In conclusion, governments through its policy needs to reform the educational sector and start paying more attention to teachers’ quality of life, career and the amount of respect they are getting from students and parents. Only by doing so can we hope that young students will want to be a teacher.