Some people think that it is necessary to testing medicine on animals, its intended to human; however, some think that it is not the best way to use animals for testing a medicine.

The use of animals for science purpose has long been debated as people seem to be divided about this particular issue. While others agree that we need to sacrifice animals, some animal lovers, such as PETA, are strongly against this act of cruelty toward animals. This essay will discuss about the two sides in this debate.

The experiments in the science laboratory sometimes need to inject certain animals with particular chemicals to see how it will react in their body. The cause and effect of the chemicals, which later on will be the basis of medicine for people, are seen as a positive way towards the advancement of medical world. If the medicines are not tested, they may give side effects which will be fatal if it is found in the later stage of the development. Hence, why the pharmacy company invest great amount of money to their research and development department so that the medicines are properly tested and safe to be used.

However, people cannot be expected to accept this logic and use it as the basis to harm the animals. People who protect the animals rights tend to see it as a convoluted way for big company to gain money. They do not seem to agree that animals should be sacrificed for medical reasons and they always go on strike on every opportunity to show their disagreement. It seems that the only way to stop their objection is by putting them as a member in the national health council.

In conclusion, I think it is necessary to show to the public that the animals are not treated cruelly and poorly. They are respected and honored and are used for the sake of the advancement of science in general. Overall, the two sides need to meet and solve their difference once and for all.