Older people these days prefer to live in retirement communities with other older, others want to live with their adult children.

Life has been offering a lot to senior citizens who have lived for more than 60 years old. They are already at the retirement age and need to choose whether to stay with their family or to move to a nursing home. Some people think that this personal choice should be taken only after carefully considering the pros and cons of both options.

When people are old, living with their family seems to be the only logical thing to do. Family members usually would not mind if they have to take care of their parents as they grow older. In some cultures, people are taken care in a loving family and enjoy their role for the grandchildren. However, for those families who don’t have the resources, staying with family members might not be the best option as the older family members are often seen as an unwanted burden and are not cared adequately.

In contrast, staying in a nursing home will be more costly and expenses need to be accounted. However, professional nurses and general practitioners will always be ready monitoring the elders’ health condition and ensuring that they receive the best available treatment. Of course, there is no guarantee that every nursing facilities will provide the best service and quality. Therefore, it is important not too overgeneralize that all nursing homes are capable of doing excellent job in caring for the elders.

All in all, I believe that the decision is a combination of financial decision and personal decision. For any children, it is a good thing to take care of their parents. However, when the situation is not ideal, ensuring their care in the best nursing home can be a viable option after all factors have been considered thoroughly.