The ongoing debate regarding the support for a significant salary disparity between CEOs of certain organizations and common employees has become more complex in recent times. Many people, including myself, disagree with this notion.

The narrative that CEOs earn considerably more money is often considered normal and acceptable. Furthermore, some individuals label this notion as fair from all perspectives. Supporters of this idea argue that CEOs bear immense responsibilities and are responsible for building the company from scratch. Therefore, it is only natural for them to earn a significant share of the organization’s income, while common workers should accept lower salaries. It is argued that considering the balance of responsibilities and the sense of achievement, common workers are not in a position to complain about this situation.

However, this idea strongly aligns with capitalism, despite having some weaknesses that could potentially lead to its downfall and destruction if the status quo is maintained. There may be some truth to the notion that those who create a business should be able to earn more due to their responsibilities and strategies. However, running a company on an international scale is impossible to achieve singlehandedly. People who work in a business need to be appreciated and feel involved; otherwise, they will seek employment opportunities that offer better salaries. Therefore, allowing such disparities to exist is only acceptable if the company has reached a point where even the salaries of ordinary workers are considered adequate and sufficient for a decent standard of living. Failure to do so may result in strikes and other disasters for these companies in the near future.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that business owners, directors, and CEOs should exhibit awareness when determining the proportion of their salary compared to that of their employees. Only when employees are adequately compensated to maintain an acceptable lifestyle can managers justify their exorbitant pay rates.


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