Serious traffic problems are common in large cities today. It is often said that encouraging people to use public transport is the best solution to these problems. Do you agree or disagree? Are there other ways to solve these problems?

Today, massive traffic issues afflict the majority of large cities due to the increasing ownership of cars by a growing population. These issues encompass congestion, gridlock, time wastage, and pollution. Whether relying on public transport constitutes the optimal solution hinges on numerous factors.

The notion of ‘encouraging’ individuals to embrace public transport holds appeal, but their response will be affirmative solely if the available transportation is efficient, dependable, reasonably priced, and convenient. Many older cities struggle to provide these attributes. For instance, in my hometown, Sydney, commuters frequently voice concerns about reliability and costs, while convenience remains lacking in the outer suburbs. In a city boasting a robust transport network, individuals could be enticed away from personal vehicles through incentives such as special pricing promotions and/or penalties for driving, such as targeted taxes and substantial parking fees. Indeed, even a 10% shift in commuters opting for public transport could yield a significant impact.

Public transport proponents often overlook people’s deep attachment to their automobiles. Individuals desire and require private cars to sustain their existing lifestyles. Thus, alternative solutions are imperative. Firstly, technology is poised to offer various alternatives in the upcoming years, including compact cars and eco-friendly electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles. The development of autonomous vehicles promises enhanced safety and a reduction in road space consumption. Secondly, urban planning holds the potential to craft more intelligent cities, incorporating ‘hubs’ to minimize driving and travel distances. The establishment of bike lanes and an emphasis on pedestrian accessibility also encourage reduced car usage.

Addressing traffic challenges is a complex endeavor that might persist despite our efforts. Nevertheless, these issues can be mitigated through a blend of strategies tailored to local circumstances, which encompass enhancements to public transportation.


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