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The values of previous generations, such as their way of life, thinking, and behavior, become heritage that is passed on to new generations as guidelines for navigating life. However, some of these values are no longer applicable to modern life due to changing times. Here are some explanations for this phenomenon.

Previous generations adhered to strict rules in their lives. The values passed down from generation to generation were seen as guidelines that would ensure a secure life. In the past, having more than five children was a common way of life. This was motivated by the belief that having many children could provide assistance with tasks such as washing clothes, fetching water, or working in the rice fields. Pressuring young women to marry was also a cultural norm, as families would feel embarrassed if their daughters remained unmarried. The main reason behind this pressure was that a married daughter would reduce the family’s financial burden and contribute to their welfare.

However, these examples are irrelevant for the younger generation in preparing for modern life. Having children nowadays entails significant financial costs, making individuals think twice before starting a family. The expenses associated with raising children need to be carefully considered to avoid constant difficulties. Similarly, women today prioritize enhancing their skills or pursuing careers to improve their lives. Pressuring women into marriage, as was common in the past, is no longer acceptable because freedom of choice is accessible to everyone. Families no longer need to feel embarrassed if their daughters marry later in life. Pursuing a better life has become more important than upholding outdated notions of family pride, as was practiced by previous generations.

In conclusion, I believe that most traditional ideas are not applicable to modern life. Changes in people’s thinking, lifestyle, and work necessitate the development of new adaptive strategies to thrive in the modern world.

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