Children these days are in dire need of parental supervision as these kids have more exposure to media and information, unlike in the past. The way children behave is a reflection of the upbringing being held in a certain household. Thus, there is a major opinion in the society that states children need punishment to help them notice when they do something wrong. Although this statement may have some truth in it, the types of punishment that are imposed on these children need to be educative.

The first major threat in this age of information is the things that children imitate. They are at risk of regular brainwashing from media such as, television, the internet, and video games that are commonly integrated into their daily routine. The image of violence, improper behavior, porn, and swearing are some of the things that they might imitate and do to their peers. This is the reason why bullying, both cyber-bullying and in real life, is becoming more frequent these days. To handle this, children need to talk to their parents the consequence of the things they do. They can have punishment such as reduced time in front of the PC, or television. Another idea is to take away their rights to use the phone for quite some time. Still, they need to understand the negative effects of the media and the bullying they do to other people. Only then can they know the impact, and hopefully will stop doing those improper behaviors.

Some children want things that are too expensive, and they know that their parents will not allow them to have these kinds of items. Therefore, instead of saving their money or working part time to earn enough money to purchase the things they want, they steal other people money. In some extreme cases, they may even rob other people, shoplift, or steal from their own classmates. The root of this problem is obviously the consumerism. Society now tends to be polarized into a culture that only appreciates the rich and the wealthy. To deal with this problem, parents need to take serious action, such as reporting the crime to the police or make a guilty confession and apologize. After that, children need to be given education about earning money and why it is important. Only after they realize that earning money is difficult, they can understand that stealing it is wrong.

All in all, the punishment that parents choose to be given to their children need to be educative. It needs to touch the roots of the problems and not a temporary act of anger such as physical punishment. Children, after all, are not entirely evil, they are just lack of attention and education, and these are signals that parents need to give them more supervision, love, and caring.

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