Drafting Band 7:

The two charts given in this task provide information about two different things. The first chart depicts the share of energy used in Australian households in six different categories. The second chart states the emitted greenhouse gases of those categories.

It is observed that heating is the most dominant in comparison to other categories. The second biggest share in this use of energy chart is held by water heating. When the figures for these two categories are added, they combine to more than 70% of the total share. In addition, other appliances division has a 15% share while the three remaining categories, refrigeration, lighting and cooling are all below 10%.

On the other hand, when it comes to the released greenhouse gases, heating has only got 15% of the total share. This is comparatively low considering that it is used for more than 40%. Likewise, the case for water heating is quite similar where it emitted slightly above 32% of greenhouse gases although it is used for 30%.

Apparently, for both refrigeration and lighting, the emission resulted from these two sources are double the percentage of their usage. Hence, they are stood at 14 and 8% although they are only used 7 and 4%, respectively. Last but not least, the other appliances has 28% of total greenhouse gases share, making it the second biggest emission source just below the water heating.

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