The food people consume has an impact on their health. However, there are no regulations regarding people’s eating behavior, which has led to the suggestion of implementing a tax on unhealthy foods. Nevertheless, this tax is also opposed due to concerns of fairness and necessity. I believe that an educated public does not require a “fat tax.”

It is evident that unhealthy foods pose risks to people’s health, and due to the workings of human biology, these risks often go unnoticed until it is too late. However, the problem lies more in the fact that taxing such foods is intended to discourage their consumption. The amount of tax required to deter people from purchasing these foods is unclear. Eventually, people may avoid purchasing not only junk food and donuts, but also most foods available in public places. In reality, all types of food can pose risks to our health if overconsumed. Consequently, the food business will collapse, leading to a lack of investment in many public places, job shortages, and an increase in crime as unintended consequences of this unwise policy.

Conversely, people have argued that the tax is unfair and unnecessary. Assuming that the government has provided sufficient educational institutions to inform the public about basic health, from elementary schools to senior high schools, individuals should already be aware of what they should and should not eat. The government does not need to intervene by introducing a food tax. Such a move would not only be unfair to those working in the food business but would also discourage individuals from investing more in legal enterprises. Opening a restaurant is certainly not a crime, so why should people be discouraged from eating whatever they desire? It is suggested that increasing health education in public places and seminars would be a much more effective method to raise awareness.

In conclusion, I believe people do not need to be deterred by a “fat tax.” Whether individuals choose to embrace a healthy lifestyle or not is an individual matter and not something that the government should prioritize.


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