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Many people nowadays spend a large part of their free time using a smartphone. What do you think are the reasons for this? Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Free time is no longer devoted to reading books or sharing jokes with family members. Mobile phones are now consuming the valuable time that should contribute to our mental well-being. This essay scrutinizes whether there is a specific reason for this shift and why it is regarded as an unfavorable development.

As people grapple with unprecedented volumes of information influencing every facet of their lives, a new set of habits is emerging. Individuals appear to find solace in engaging with their mobile phones during leisure moments. The primary catalyst behind this trend is the psychological phenomenon known as F.O.M.O (Fear of Missing Out), wherein people feel compelled to stay abreast of their surroundings to remain on par with their peers. The fear of being excluded from conversations due to a lack of understanding about the latest topics significantly impacts the lifestyle of today’s generation, resulting in heightened attachment to their phones. Additionally, as individuals strive for success, they endeavor to assimilate copious amounts of information to consistently make well-informed decisions. This artificial sense of positivity may sometimes overwhelm individuals with information but has become somewhat inevitable for modern society.

Constant exposure to cellphone light before bedtime can adversely affect an individual’s sleep quality and concentration levels. This prolonged exposure may also contribute to the development of mild depression and anxiety over the long term. Meanwhile, in terms of influence, individuals often perceive their control over their lives to be diminishing due to the tendency to showcase only the positive aspects of their lives on social media. Unintentionally, making comparisons with others’ circumstances can lead to heart disease, ingratitude, and diminished self-confidence due to perpetual feelings of inadequacy.

In conclusion, the fixation on mobile phones is driven by the desire for more information to avoid falling behind in society. However, this trend is detrimental, as the time could be better utilized for physical exercise and reducing mental stress.

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