Some people say academic subjects should be given more importance in secondary school, while some say practical subjects should be taught more. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In secondary schools in Indonesia, students learn seventeen subjects. Although some people support the opinion that academic subjects are more important, others have thought that practical subjects should be given more emphasis. Both views are going to be discussed thoroughly in this essay.

First of all, academic subjects such as Math, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry are the foundation of our cognitive process. Learning these subjects help students to exercise their deduction and to pay attention to details of various processes in the world that we live in. For example, Biology makes students understand the complexity of humans, animals and plants. Similarly, Physics encourages us to take a closer observation towards the nature of many things that we may take for granted. It is my belief that these types of knowledge help us to understand and to be more appreciative of the life itself.

On the other hand, practical subjects such as language, computers, and entrepreneurship prepare students for what is expected in their future career. Most employers are likely to require their future employees to have basic skills in international languages and computers. In addition, not everyone wants to get a job in a company and, for this reason, studying entrepreneurship is essential in order to better understand the types of careers that they want. I would say that such subjects are really necessary to give students an overview of the business world.

In conclusion, academic subjects are essential in that they help us understand the world. On the other hand, practical subjects provide much insights into the professional life. I believe that students need both types of subjects, the academic and the practical ones, for the reason that both are extremely useful.

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