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Many museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourists but not local people. Why is this the case and what can be done to attract more local people to visit these places?

Many museums and historical sites have become an attraction to tourists although they fail to increase the number of local visitors. This essay will analyze some main reasons for this as well as measures to encourage more local people to visit such places.

The causes for a huge difference in the number of the two mentioned types of visitors are varied. First, people who live in the neighborhood seem to be familiar with their traditional customs and history. Going to those places would be therefore a waste of time and money owing to the entrance cost; and people would not pay an amount of money to see what they have already known. Meanwhile, tourists from other places tend to pay a visit to museums to know more about a new culture when travelling to a new region. Second, the design of museums and historical sites almost remained unchanged throughout decades, which can be visually unattractive to local residents who have been there at least once in earlier years. However, these places always pick tourists’curiosity during their first trip.

Some measures can be taken to stimulate more local inhabitants to visit museums and historical places. To begin with, those places should serve both education and entertainment purposes. More game zones should be constructed or didactic as well as recreational competitions should be conducted to increase the number of the local who come enjoy their time. Furthermore, if the layout of museums and historical sites is renovated with more decorations and ornate designs of the interior, not only tourists but also more local visitors will come.

In conclusion, there are two principal causes for the locals’ disinterest in spending their time in nearby museums and historical places as mentioned, and actions should be taken to encourage people to go to such places.

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