Nowadays, the number of young adults who engage in exercise is declining. This situation can be concerning for various reasons. This essay will explore the reasons behind this trend and suggest ways to encourage more young people to participate in sports.

Currently, there are fewer young people involved in sports activities in many areas. The sight of young people playing football in the village field or running and cycling along the streets is becoming increasingly rare. Instead, they seem to be more interested in playing games or exploring social media. Consequently, they have seemingly disappeared from the fields and courts where they used to engage in various sports. With their devices, they can “play sports” in any situation without incurring any costs except for internet usage. This situation has diminished interest in playing traditional games like football on the field. Playing sports on a cellphone or laptop is seen as preferable because it avoids exposure to the sun, getting dirty, feeling tired, and the risk of injury. Furthermore, engaging in exercise in urban areas requires financial resources. Costs such as renting facilities, equipment, transportation, and refreshments can deter participation.

Motivating young people is crucial to encourage them to engage in sports. Providing information about the importance of physical training for maintaining fitness and reducing the risk of illnesses in later life, such as heart disease and stroke, can make them consider exercising. Additionally, organizing events with prizes can serve as an incentive for them to participate. Furthermore, offering attractive career opportunities to winners in competitions can motivate more children and young people to pursue sports and become experts in their chosen field. Most importantly, parents should be encouraged to instill a love for sports in their children and support them in their endeavors.

In conclusion, the decline in youth participation in exercise can be attributed to the allure of technology, which offers more interesting and low-risk activities. It is essential to raise awareness among young people about the role of sports in maintaining good health.


In this modern era, the participation of young people in sports has decreased. This essay will explain the reasons for the decline in youth participation and provide solutions to overcome this trend.

Several factors contribute to the decrease in young people’s participation in sports. Firstly, technological advancements are changing the lifestyles of youngsters. Nowadays, young people prefer playing games and using social media on their smartphones rather than engaging in physical activities such as playing soccer or basketball on the field. Secondly, intense academic competition plays a role. As a result, youth spend more time studying and receiving tutoring or attending courses related to academic fields. Thirdly, the lack of access to sports centers and the unavailability of sports facilities are obstacles. While there are many sports centers available, most of them charge a fee. These conditions lead to a loss of interest in sports among young people.

To motivate young people to participate in sports, schools or communities should take strategic actions. Firstly, schools should educate students about the importance of engaging in sports. Sports are significant because they help students maintain their physical and mental health. Secondly, providing sports facilities and ensuring easy access for youngsters can increase their participation in sports. Lastly, schools can introduce a variety of sports. Each individual has different talents and interests, so schools and communities should introduce various sports to cater to their preferences.

In conclusion, the factors causing the decline in youth participation in sports include technological developments, academic pressure, and a lack of sports facilities and infrastructure. Implementing strategic actions such as delivering education on the importance of sports, providing free sports centers, and introducing various sports can help reverse this trend.


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