People who go to live in other countries, should follow the customs and traditions of the new country. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is said that people should always follow the customs and traditions of the new country. I agree with this opinion based on two reasons: common sense and mutual respect.

When people go travel and stay for some time in a new country, they are expected to follow the habit in the destination country. For example, people who arrive in Jakarta, Indonesia tend to be stressful because they find the city is so disoriented. They need to adapt to the culture of Jakarta citizens which involves the expertise in using ride-sharing applications and knowing electric train stations or memorizing all the bus stops. Only by doing so can they expect to enjoy the life in Jakarta which is characterized by its messy traffic. In other words, following local habit is mostly all about common sense and to ease your life.

In addition, people also do things based on mutual respect. If you find yourselves in certain area in Asia, such as in Japan or in South Korea, you will be amazed at the many unwritten rules you need to know regarding eating manners. This etiquette related to eating some food such as sushi or any other traditional food, even to how you drink a cup of tea, will be a sign whether you respect or disrespect local culture. In this case, anyone should learn about dos and don’ts before engaging people in their area. It is all about showing respect and politeness.

In conclusion, following people habit, customs or tradition is essential if we want to have a smooth relationship with local inhabitants. It is a gesture of kindness and respect all at the same time.


Some people say that the government should decide what subjects a student can study, while others believe the students should decide what they want to study. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It has always been debated whether school subjects should be decided by the governments or follow some sort of individual preference. The right of deciding which subjects to be learned at school, in my opinion, should be in the government’s hand.

I believe that if students are given the chance to choose their own subjects, many of them will avoid subjects they do not like such as mathematics, history or religion. It only makes sense for them to choose things that they consider as easy or fun. However, they do not know that doing so will put them at a disadvantage. For example, not knowing basic math will seriously prevent your ability in understanding other logic based subjects such as physics or chemistry. In addition, without trained logic it will reduce the way you view the world quite significantly and it makes you less complete in a way.

Government consists of boards of experts in education who knows what policy need to be made regarding school curricula. In my view, the result of many meetings discussing students’ future will be related toward the options given to the students in the school. Teachers and the headmasters, for example, will work together to ensure that their students get the best education possible. In other words, this decision is too important to be given to non-expert such as the students itself, because they are prevented by hindsight on knowing what is best for them.

To sum up, I agree that it is the government, and not the students, who should be the one to decide the list of subjects that students must take to have at least the minimum understanding and skills. Students, prior to university level, tend to write off things that may be useful for them in the future, and therefore should not be allowed to choose their own subject.


Fewer and fewer young people are choosing to become teachers. Why do young people not want to be teachers? How this could be changed?

The situation in the recruitment and regeneration of teachers currently is pretty bleak. The cause is the unwillingness for people to work as a teacher, even after they graduate from school of teachers. There are two primary reasons on this phenomenon, namely appreciation and career potential.

First of all, teachers these days are not highly appreciated for what they do. In the era where almost everyone can get any information they want from Google, it seems that knowledge is not a thing of secret anymore. Students are fascinated with games and gadgets and they see subjects and teachers as things that prevent them from having fun. Parents want the best results for their children, but most ignore the way their children build the relationship with the teachers. School administrators cannot give exciting salary and teachers have to be satisfied with a minimum income. These are some facts in current world of education that show how unappreciated teacher really is.

In addition, being a teacher is a professional career options. People have a career because they want it to be adequate to hold their family together. However, the financial return gained from teaching is way below what is needed to put children in quality schools these days. The expensive education does not correlate with the increase of teachers’ salary. In fact, most teachers in Indonesia are still underpaid. It is easy to see why this makes teaching an uninteresting career option. The lack of career movement and the boring daily activities, highly demanding jobs, and minimum financial gain all have led to the declining interest for this career.

To solve the problems, both policymakers and school administrators need to reform the way education is held in the school. Respect towards teachers needs to be emphasized and promoted; be it to the students and to the parents. Salary should be increased and there should be a way to value a good teacher who has dedicated all his life to educate his students. In other words, the increase of salary should also be accompanied with an increase in the effort of human touch to lift and respect teacher for noble things they have done all this time.

In conclusion, governments through its policy needs to reform the educational sector and start paying more attention to teachers’ quality of life, career and the amount of respect they are getting from students and parents. Only by doing so can we hope that young students will want to be a teacher.


People living in the 21st century are enjoying better quality of life compared to people who lived in the previous centuries. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It has been said that with all developments in technology, modern people enjoy better life quality compared to the previous generation. I believe this statement has some truth in it.

First of all, the way people get the information and connected to each other has been transformed completely. In the past, people rely on books in the library if they wanted to know specific information about something. In addition, to get the latest information, they had to wait until newspapers were delivered to their house in the morning. These days, however, people easily get any information they want from their mobile phone and laptop which means there is no need to always visit the library every time. And then, news are updated almost instantly through various sources of news channel in digital era and this advanced makes newspaper looks like a thing of the past. Last but not least, we don’t have to wait for the reply of a traditional mail to contact someone, just open our phone and have a video chat with all members of the family that miss us around them. It is certainly a much more convenient life.

On the other hand, there is also development in the form of trading and selling things. If you have things that you don’t want to use anymore, it can be easily sold through various stores that let you open an account to sell things. The same can be said about purchasing. We no longer have to spend some time in transportation to physically come to the store and purchase the things that we need. Everything can be bought just by browsing in your mobile phone and ordering it online. This advancement alone has saved much of our precious time to be allocated for something else that is way more useful.

In conclusion, I agree that life has been much more convenient for people in the era of the internet compared to the previous generation when everything needed to be done physically and took longer time compared to current situation.


In many countries, the tradition of families having meals together is disappearing. Why is this happening? What will be the effects of it on the family and society?

Having meals together with the other family members used to be considered as important. However, these days, many families seem to have giving up this habit.

The primary reason why families now are unable to eat dinner together is the changing situation of modern family. In the past, everything seems to be organized. People worked a 9-to-5 job and they arrived at home at about 5.30, preparing meals for about 90 minutes and dinner time will be ready at about 7pm. This is not how it is now. Most employees have been demanded to spend some extra time in the office in order to meet the company target. Traffic has increased heavily and this causes a significant delay in the way people commuting from their workplaces to their homes. Students have had extra homework to do, or they might want to release the stress by spending more times in front of video games. What seems to be a simple thing to do in the past, eating dinner together, now has been an almost impossible situation.

The effects of this situation are multi-layered. First, this simple situation means that parents need to find other time to communicate with their children about their situation. Husbands need to spend quality time with their wives. Mothers need to monitor their daughters. Second of all, parents usually put extra burden of studying into children through various extra courses to take. While this seems good, I believe that if the time children spent in extra courses are spent with the family; that will be a time better spent. Children, especially teenagers, need constant communication and supervision from their parents, otherwise they might misbehave. If the lack of communication in the family increases more and more, who knows what negative things might occur in the future.

In conclusion, I believe the diminishing habit of having dinner together, albeit not a totally accurate judgment, reflects the eroded communication in the family. The causes are worse time management and number of things to do, while the effects can be teenagers’ misbehavior.


More and more people are finding it increasingly important to wear fashionable clothes. Is this attitude to wearing clothes a positive or negative development?

Modern people tend to pay more attention to what they wear. They try to follow the current fashion trend and to be part of the people who knows what is the latest fashion item and what is outdated. I believe that, in general, this is a positive development.

People need to wear things that look nice because it gives the right impression to other people. As social beings, human are always looking for attention and also pay attention to other people. In other words, people judge other people based on their clothings. If you go to work and always look dirty, unshaven and wearing the same clothes everyday, it might give the signal to your supervisor or boss that you are unable to take care of yourself. Based on that judgment, they might not trust you with important job, and your career will be stuck as the result. This small example gives a reflection on how people assess others from the fashion they wear.

Therefore, if more and more people actually care more about their fashion, it is certainly a good thing. Offices will be filled in with well-dressed, mature people and people who mind about their manners in front of the public. In general, we can expect that by looking good, this is a start in order for them to improve other sides of their life. Our appearance is as important as our inner beauty. It is very difficult to know whether someone is actually capable or not to do a particular job, however, if that person is well-dressed and looks quite smart, he has shown that he is likeable and that gives him an edge in very competitive business environment.

In conclusion, I believe wearing good clothes and maintaining our appearance in front of the public is a good quality to have. Therefore, wearing fashionable clothes should be encouraged and it may be a reflection of a person’s maturity and intelligence.


Some people argue higher taxes should be collected from industries causing higher industrial pollution, whereas others argue there are better ways to deal it. Discuss both views and give your opinion

A major part of the public has voiced their concern over environmental damage that seems to increase everyday. Therefore, the government needs to tax company to reduce the effect of development on the environment while minimising harm to economic growth. However, some people said that taxes will increase the price of a product, so there should be other alternatives.

In a very simple way, many countries have put taxes on motor fuels, petrol and diesel, as the sample of environmental tax. The use of petrol and diesel by many people is affecting the rate of global warming and air pollution. By doing so, the consumers need to choose to what level will they contribute to this tax. They might for example opt to purchase a more fuel-efficient vehicle, or use a hybrid-electric cars. They can also try to drive less by utilizing public transport, car-sharing, or cycling and walking, and they may also live closer to the place of work. This is an example how tax can affect the people in order to reduce environmental damage.

Generally speaking, tax should be targeted to companies that pollute or do any action that causes environmental damage. This is necessary so that they try to adopt approach that will cause less-pollution. However, it is necessary that in designing the environmental tax to measure what is the base of the tax, so that it won’t spread and affecting the customers and increases price of products.

An alternative to tax solution, is by giving advantage to companies that promote good environmental behaviour for example in some forms of tax exception or other advantages. In the long run, by giving people incentive to innovate and produce products in a more environmentally friendly ways, we can expect more companies to join. If it is organized transparently and professionally, the environmental taxation and its alternatives may provide a boost in the effort to reduce the damage to our nature.

In conclusion, governments need to arrange and design a fair environmental tax to company that pollute along with giving encouragement and boost to companies that have adopted environmentally friendly approach.


Some people want the government to spend more money for looking life on other planets, however, others think it is waste of public money when there are so many problems on earth that the government should be solving.

There are some groups in the society who want the government to investigate the life on other planets. On the other hand, some others are against this idea as it is considered as a waste of public budget. I agree with the latter and I think it is unnecessary.

The idea of looking for extraterrestrial life is not a new thing. In fact, in 1984, the government of USA has established SETI to look for life outside the earth. Up to now, they have not produced any findings worth to mention regarding the proof of life on other planets. It is mostly due to the fact that Earth is unique in itself because it is hospitable. In other planets, it is not like that and it is very hostile to life, be it from comet, its weather or its radiation. In short, life is unlikely to develop in other planets, and we already have one institution which investigates in the possibility.

In contrast, people who oppose the idea are very accurate when they mention many of urgent problems in the earth. We have incurable diseases that need money to fund its research. Moreover, we also have urgent water problems and oil problems that may be causing war in the near future. In the future, as population of people in the world keep increases and the resources start to diminish, lots of potential conflict will happen and we need start finding solutions for it now.

To sum up, I believe that the budget of the government needs to be allocated in improving our current situation rather than looking for life on other planets. There is one professional institution already investigates it, and I don’t think there is a pressing need to create another organization.


Living in a country where you have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social problems, as well as practical problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement.

Having to speak a foreign language in a country where you are a newcomer brings with it certain problems. They can be social problems and practical problems.

Migrating to a new place that you are not familiar with the language is quite likely to make several problems in terms of social life. Social problems are any type of problems that have some correlations with the way you interact with the value held by local citizens. For example, if you are not used to drinking liquor, other people might find it offensive when you reject their offer. In addition, most Indonesians are Muslim so they are not allowed to eat pork, which unfortunately are widely served in many restaurants in Europe or other regions, so they need to ask before they order any food. However, this might not be acceptable to people who think that eating such food is normal. Social problems in these illustrations can only be prevented if we have excellent command and grasp of foreign language.

On the other hand, practical problems might also occur during our stay in a place with foreign language. Practical problems tend to be easily avoided, however, not everyone makes adequate preparation beforehand. One example of these problems is the way you buy a cinema ticket. In the USA, the cinema uses the system of ‘first come – first served’, which means you need to come early to the cinema in order to pick the best seat available. The same activity in other parts of the world usually implemented by booking / reservation, where customers can easily reserve the available seat by phone or applications. Misunderstanding to such trivial things can be a cause of major annoyance especially when you cannot explain yourself using the foreign language.

In conclusion, I agree that the inability to express oneself in other languages might cause both practical problems and social problems. Hence, it is always a good idea to improve the mastery of foreign language that is used in the place we intended to visit.


Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Modern life has certainly brought various changes in the way we live. People have always been asking for more variety of entertainment and other things. However, there are groups of people that consider the many choices we have now are just too many and that negatively impacts us as a society. I certainly agree with this opinion as the choices we have now somehow become a burden.

To begin with, people are surrounded with television programs, computer games, and social media as the way they spend most of their leisure time. In reality, there are way too many people who spend their time in front of TV screen, computer screen or mobile phone and these have made them totally inefficient. In fact, those time can be more well-spent if it is used to socialize with friends and family members or to finish incoming assignment from the workplace. The options of entertainment have taken over our priority and more people cannot get out of this vicious circle. As a result, they spend more time looking for entertainment and amuse themselves to the point where they neglect their main priority.

Another example of situation where options have captured our attention is in the many advertisements we see every day. All manufacturers and producers compete endlessly in promoting their products to our subconscious mind. Therefore, there is never a single day passes without advertisement being displayed from various channels of media. Indirectly people are enslaved by these constant persuasion that will lead us into consumerism. This goes to show that advertisements made by companies give us illusion of freedom when, in fact, it is a commercial trap.

To sum up, it is true that we now have too many options and they affect us negatively and most likely they are capitalism entrapment or just a marketing ploy.