Young people are more interested in pop singer and movie stars rather than history figure of their own country. Why is this? What can be done to make the young people know more about their own history?

Our teenagers have experienced and are exposed more to the pop culture of the global trend rather than to their own history and important figure of their own nation. This sad situation needs to be improved. This essay talks about the reason behind this phenomenon and the possible solutions for this particular issue.

As technology becomes more advanced each and every day, teenagers are forced to adapt with it and they become what is known as the early adopter of technology. Therefore, their interest is highly engaged to things that are coming in the near future. They do not really think much about past things because in their opinion what important is what is going to come in the future time. As a result, they lack the awareness of anything that is related to the past, namely history, or other important figures that can only be known by reading boring history subjects. They only seek to find information that interests them, such as latest songs or movies, and if it is not interesting, they are not going to spend any time into it.

In order to improve their awareness of national figures who are important such as national heroes or founding fathers, I think it is essential to present the information in a format that can maintain their interest. One way to do this is to create informative video in a Youtube channel and this should be done creatively and interestingly using many effects and fonts and color options that are interesting to look at. Another way is to create an application for mobile phone that contains interactive games and quizzes about our national heroes. By delivering the information in a unique way, it is hoped that the knowledge is more accessible to them rather than delivering it in a plain, boring format.

In conclusion, teenagers need to be reached in a specific way. They are unlikely to touch or read anything that is not colorful and full of text so history books need to be reformatted into a more trendy and acceptable to our current young generation.



Business and cultural exchange between countries is increasing and this is thought to be a positive development by some. However, others believe that it may lead to loss of national identity. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The importance of global trade is known by many as almost all countries these days adopt globalization strategy and utilize export and import to boost their national economy. This brings with it migration flows from one country to another and people have become more mixed and many metropolitan cities have been regarded as a melting pot for individuals from many countries. Still, there is an ongoing debate that this phenomenon is not that positive and may have some kind of disadvantage in the form of the erosion of national values.

When people from other countries come to Indonesia to do their business and stay for several months or years, they also bring along with them their cultures and their habit. Now, the meeting of the two cultures – Western styles and Indonesian culture – is said to be a positive development. For example, international people, unlike Indonesian, are very strict when it comes to time management. Indonesian then can learn how to appreciate time better from their international counterparts. With the better appreciation for time management, it is hoped that many projects can meet the deadline and not get delayed as the usual tradition in Indonesia.

However, it is also known that people from Western culture tend to be permissive when it comes to drinking habit and adultery (sex – out of marriage bonds). If they promote such a habit in their work circle, perhaps Indonesian who do not do this at first, might then be influenced by such a habit. While Indonesian mostly rely on “Jamu”, Western people tend to take drugs or whiskey to numb and escape their problems temporarily. Such a contrast is what people see as a loss of national identity, and although the likelihood is minor, it still worries some people, particularly the religious one.

In my opinion, people should allow business meeting clients and cultural exchange happen naturally. It is not necessary to restrict or to limit anything at all. Each individual has already got their knowledge and morale basis to separate which one is the right thing or the wrong thing to do. Our love towards the national identity should be proven by our willingness to take part in the international stage, and instead of being the influenced ones, be the influencer.

In conclusion, globalization phenomenon is thought to have its pros and cons. I entirely agree that globalization has more positive things attached in it rather than negativity. The negative effect of globalization can be eliminated easily by strengthening our own code and proper conduct.



Most people believe that stricter punishment should be given for traffic offences. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some institutions now are forcing the government for a stricter punishment for people who violate traffic regulations. I agree about this phenomenon as it is important for us to reduce accident rate and push people to safer transportation.

First of all, I think that people who violate rules such as driving under the influence of alcohol and those who exceed speed limits are serious threat for the life of other road users. Moreover, teenagers tend to drive while texting or communicating in their mobile phone, which distracts their focus from what’s going on in the road. Pedestrians are primarily at risk due to such dangerous behaviors. Therefore, we need to punish people with severe punishments so that they don’t do it again and again. In addition to that we need to prevent it by campaigning massively in the media about the safety in the road.

Secondly, I think that private cars cause the most of accident in the road. If only more people use public transportation such as MRT or Electric Train or buses, then the number of accidents should show a significant reduction. We need a good policy to let people know that private cars should be used more responsibly. For example, people who have accident while driving their own cars should not be driving their private cars for two years time and can only take public transportation. This kind of regulation will effectively remove the threat from the road, at least for some time.

In conclusion, I totally agree that the government should give severe punishment to deter all dangerous driving habit. Reckless driving is a serious threat for people’s life and it is time that we do something effective to prevent it from happening.



Nowadays more and more people want to get things done instantly (services, information, tasks). Why is this? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Life has demand us a faster way in doing almost everything related to every aspect in our day to day situation. People do not have time to wait for a long time because they are afraid that they might be left behind in the competition. This essay will analyze more about the reasoning behind people’s tendency to do anything in an instant.

The first reason is that people need to build a success in career in a very young age compared to the past. In the past, people tend to get a job at the age of 24 or 25 and they stay at the same job as the result of low competition. In contrast, teenagers these days have technology at the tips of their hand and they can get any information quickly. Many people build start up that creates billions of dollars although they are very young. Even adolescents and teenagers can invent something if they work hard for it. This is the first reason why people do things instantly: if you are slow, you will be left behind.

The second reason is that the exposure of social media. Social media has the tendency to reflect the bias that is intentionally made by people in our surroundings. They put on their glamorous wedding party photos, their expensive vacation trips to exotic international places, and their every success in personal and career. Having been surrounded by the display of success and positivity, people will have no options other than comparing their life to that of others. They then will ask the similar question: what do I need to do to be successful like that? This jealousy feeling makes people more spirited and motivated to pursue success in life, hence, the reason why they want everything to be done quickly.

In conclusion, I believe that this is all positive development. People are motivated by others’ display of success and try to improve their life based on it. However, it is important to be mindful that for the weak-minded people, it can cause them unwanted depression and the feeling of unworthiness as they regard themselves as less successful compared to other peers, friends, and families.



Scientific research should be carried out and controlled by the government, rather than by private companies. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The effort to make a significant progress in the realm of scientific research is often linked with the amount of budget. Due to the importance of this research, many people believe government is the one responsible to conduct the study and regulate its outcome. Private companies tend to be more profit-oriented and will not prioritize the public needs. However, it is also a known-fact that private companies tend to have more budget to be allocated than the government. This essay analyzes the complicated situation covering the field of scientific research.

In every budgeting situation in the government sector, prioritizing must be done effectively. Government needs to make a list of the problems they want to solve that will need some kind of research. The problem usually is related toward the safety and the business aspect. For example, allowing private companies to make a research on alternative electricity generation means that the government will not have control over the outcome and as the result, the public may negatively affected. However, it is also a known fact that the government does not have enough money to finance such extensive study. The ability of most governments in the world is restricted.

In contrast, resources are not problematic for private sectors. What becomes a problem for them is the nature of capitalism which means that they are not working for free: they work for profit and a lot of it. Therefore, it does not make any sense for any private companies to be involved in a study that will cost them a lot of money without potential revenue afterwards. The private sectors, in this case, need to approach the government to be more permissive in its policy.

In conclusion, I believe that what is needed is a partnership between the government and the private sector, especially in the financing aspect. Clear regulation should be made regarding which parts of fundamental development need a partnership with the private sectors, and how much profit are made available for them. A country should be built together and cooperation is the key for the advancement of our nation.



People who go to live in other countries, should follow the customs and traditions of the new country. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is said that people should always follow the customs and traditions of the new country. I agree with this opinion based on two reasons: common sense and mutual respect.

When people go travel and stay for some time in a new country, they are expected to follow the habit in the destination country. For example, people who arrive in Jakarta, Indonesia tend to be stressful because they find the city is so disoriented. They need to adapt to the culture of Jakarta citizens which involves the expertise in using ride-sharing applications and knowing electric train stations or memorizing all the bus stops. Only by doing so can they expect to enjoy the life in Jakarta which is characterized by its messy traffic. In other words, following local habit is mostly all about common sense and to ease your life.

In addition, people also do things based on mutual respect. If you find yourselves in certain area in Asia, such as in Japan or in South Korea, you will be amazed at the many unwritten rules you need to know regarding eating manners. This etiquette related to eating some food such as sushi or any other traditional food, even to how you drink a cup of tea, will be a sign whether you respect or disrespect local culture. In this case, anyone should learn about dos and don’ts before engaging people in their area. It is all about showing respect and politeness.

In conclusion, following people habit, customs or tradition is essential if we want to have a smooth relationship with local inhabitants. It is a gesture of kindness and respect all at the same time.



Some people say that the government should decide what subjects a student can study, while others believe the students should decide what they want to study. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It has always been debated whether school subjects should be decided by the governments or follow some sort of individual preference. The right of deciding which subjects to be learned at school, in my opinion, should be in the government’s hand.

I believe that if students are given the chance to choose their own subjects, many of them will avoid subjects they do not like such as mathematics, history or religion. It only makes sense for them to choose things that they consider as easy or fun. However, they do not know that doing so will put them at a disadvantage. For example, not knowing basic math will seriously prevent your ability in understanding other logic based subjects such as physics or chemistry. In addition, without trained logic it will reduce the way you view the world quite significantly and it makes you less complete in a way.

Government consists of boards of experts in education who knows what policy need to be made regarding school curricula. In my view, the result of many meetings discussing students’ future will be related toward the options given to the students in the school. Teachers and the headmasters, for example, will work together to ensure that their students get the best education possible. In other words, this decision is too important to be given to non-expert such as the students itself, because they are prevented by hindsight on knowing what is best for them.

To sum up, I agree that it is the government, and not the students, who should be the one to decide the list of subjects that students must take to have at least the minimum understanding and skills. Students, prior to university level, tend to write off things that may be useful for them in the future, and therefore should not be allowed to choose their own subject.



Fewer and fewer young people are choosing to become teachers. Why do young people not want to be teachers? How this could be changed?

The situation in the recruitment and regeneration of teachers currently is pretty bleak. The cause is the unwillingness for people to work as a teacher, even after they graduate from school of teachers. There are two primary reasons on this phenomenon, namely appreciation and career potential.

First of all, teachers these days are not highly appreciated for what they do. In the era where almost everyone can get any information they want from Google, it seems that knowledge is not a thing of secret anymore. Students are fascinated with games and gadgets and they see subjects and teachers as things that prevent them from having fun. Parents want the best results for their children, but most ignore the way their children build the relationship with the teachers. School administrators cannot give exciting salary and teachers have to be satisfied with a minimum income. These are some facts in current world of education that show how unappreciated teacher really is.

In addition, being a teacher is a professional career options. People have a career because they want it to be adequate to hold their family together. However, the financial return gained from teaching is way below what is needed to put children in quality schools these days. The expensive education does not correlate with the increase of teachers’ salary. In fact, most teachers in Indonesia are still underpaid. It is easy to see why this makes teaching an uninteresting career option. The lack of career movement and the boring daily activities, highly demanding jobs, and minimum financial gain all have led to the declining interest for this career.

To solve the problems, both policymakers and school administrators need to reform the way education is held in the school. Respect towards teachers needs to be emphasized and promoted; be it to the students and to the parents. Salary should be increased and there should be a way to value a good teacher who has dedicated all his life to educate his students. In other words, the increase of salary should also be accompanied with an increase in the effort of human touch to lift and respect teacher for noble things they have done all this time.

In conclusion, governments through its policy needs to reform the educational sector and start paying more attention to teachers’ quality of life, career and the amount of respect they are getting from students and parents. Only by doing so can we hope that young students will want to be a teacher.



People living in the 21st century are enjoying better quality of life compared to people who lived in the previous centuries. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It has been said that with all developments in technology, modern people enjoy better life quality compared to the previous generation. I believe this statement has some truth in it.

First of all, the way people get the information and connected to each other has been transformed completely. In the past, people rely on books in the library if they wanted to know specific information about something. In addition, to get the latest information, they had to wait until newspapers were delivered to their house in the morning. These days, however, people easily get any information they want from their mobile phone and laptop which means there is no need to always visit the library every time. And then, news are updated almost instantly through various sources of news channel in digital era and this advanced makes newspaper looks like a thing of the past. Last but not least, we don’t have to wait for the reply of a traditional mail to contact someone, just open our phone and have a video chat with all members of the family that miss us around them. It is certainly a much more convenient life.

On the other hand, there is also development in the form of trading and selling things. If you have things that you don’t want to use anymore, it can be easily sold through various stores that let you open an account to sell things. The same can be said about purchasing. We no longer have to spend some time in transportation to physically come to the store and purchase the things that we need. Everything can be bought just by browsing in your mobile phone and ordering it online. This advancement alone has saved much of our precious time to be allocated for something else that is way more useful.

In conclusion, I agree that life has been much more convenient for people in the era of the internet compared to the previous generation when everything needed to be done physically and took longer time compared to current situation.



In many countries, the tradition of families having meals together is disappearing. Why is this happening? What will be the effects of it on the family and society?

Having meals together with the other family members used to be considered as important. However, these days, many families seem to have giving up this habit.

The primary reason why families now are unable to eat dinner together is the changing situation of modern family. In the past, everything seems to be organized. People worked a 9-to-5 job and they arrived at home at about 5.30, preparing meals for about 90 minutes and dinner time will be ready at about 7pm. This is not how it is now. Most employees have been demanded to spend some extra time in the office in order to meet the company target. Traffic has increased heavily and this causes a significant delay in the way people commuting from their workplaces to their homes. Students have had extra homework to do, or they might want to release the stress by spending more times in front of video games. What seems to be a simple thing to do in the past, eating dinner together, now has been an almost impossible situation.

The effects of this situation are multi-layered. First, this simple situation means that parents need to find other time to communicate with their children about their situation. Husbands need to spend quality time with their wives. Mothers need to monitor their daughters. Second of all, parents usually put extra burden of studying into children through various extra courses to take. While this seems good, I believe that if the time children spent in extra courses are spent with the family; that will be a time better spent. Children, especially teenagers, need constant communication and supervision from their parents, otherwise they might misbehave. If the lack of communication in the family increases more and more, who knows what negative things might occur in the future.

In conclusion, I believe the diminishing habit of having dinner together, albeit not a totally accurate judgment, reflects the eroded communication in the family. The causes are worse time management and number of things to do, while the effects can be teenagers’ misbehavior.