1. Although the advice they gave was well intentioned, my parents never dreamed that it might come back to haunt them.

2. When you print the article, we also expect you to make an apology.

3. Carla always does her best, even if she does not always manage to get very high marks.

4. Her report on the trip did not give accurate information so we were quite confused.

5. I have some suggestions to make before the forthcoming trip.

6. I hope your company will give me at least a partial refund.

7. I’m so grateful that you have given me the chance to attend the course.

8. In my boss’s absence, I make telephone calls to customers, clean desks, and write emails.

9. Installing modern technology will give a good impression of the college.

10. Our evening lectures were given by ‘experts’ who knew nothing about the subject.

11. There is another recommendation I would like to make concerning the club.