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Some people think that local authorities should control where buildings can be constructed. Others think that everyone should be free to build where they like without obtaining permission. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Building permits are a subject often debated due to differing beliefs and arguments about the applicable system. Some individuals think that regional governments should control construction permits, while others believe they are free to build without any permits or requirements. This essay delves into these two opposing viewpoints.

In an ideal scenario, the government would employ experts in urban and development planning. If the government possesses experts who have designed how the city will grow and where development will be concentrated, then enacting regulations regarding development permits becomes crucial. With such permits, the influx of investment capital will not disrupt the city’s development plan but will align with the initial blueprint. However, in reality, local governments often lack this expertise and as a result, relinquish their authority to investors who are eager to build wherever deemed strategic. This leads to disorganized urban planning and creates an impression that the law can be influenced by those with substantial financial means.

On the flip side, residents often desire the freedom to construct anywhere within their area. This frequently occurs in regions where the local government has only recently gained representation and the central government has yet to grant autonomy to the local authorities. Consequently, clarity regarding land ownership is lacking, since the national agency overseeing land management might not function optimally in that area. Residents believe they possess the right to build freely on land passed down or managed according to their ancestral traditions. The government, both at the central and regional levels, is frequently viewed as a party attempting to seize their land without offering adequate compensation to previous landowners.

In conclusion, the government must adopt transparency in planning development and resolving land disputes involving people’s property. Only when the law is consistently enforced in a just and balanced manner, and the government is ready to accept all consequences, can we begin untangling the intricate web of land ownership in this country.

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