Nowadays people make new friends through social networks and internet chat groups. Some people think this is good. Others think that face-to-face interaction is essential. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The way people befriend others has changed drastically due to the advancement of internet-based communication. However, whether chatting through social media is the best way to start a social contact is still debatable.

When people start their friendships through an online social network, they mostly do not know whether the other person is real. Most of the time this new friendship relies on a certain level of trust and it is followed by reading digital profile to find out what type of person they are dealing with. Therefore, some security measures need to be taken to prevent unwanted things from happening. For instance, accepting or approving friendship request from people you do not know is a big no. Also, it is only wise not to publish private information as it can be risky when such information falls to the wrong hand. These are some examples that can be shown to elaborate that although it is possible to build a relationship through social media, we need to know the rules of the game.

Other people believe that face-to-face interaction is always the best option when it comes to having a real relationship with other people. The problem with this method is that the right situation does not come easily. Basically, we know people from the place where we are a regular such as in the workplace, in the café, or other places that are regularly visited. Some people are not good at approaching others and initiating a conversation, so they may feel uncomfortable. However, once the initial contact is established, it is easier to follow up on the next conversation. To a certain extent, although it can be understandably difficult for some people, having a face-to-face conversation with another person is more memorable.

To sum up, I think it is better for people to start a friendship in a traditional way. It can be risky to approve friendship from someone you know nothing about. After people are familiar with their new acquaintance, then it is a good idea to utilize social media to help maintain the relation by showing signs of approval to each other on a regular basis.


How to write 8.5 / 9 IELTS essay (Task 2) #2

Some educationalists argue that non-exam, arts-based subjects, such as music, drama, art, and craft, should be compulsory in the secondary-school curriculum. They believe that activities such as these can improve overall academic performance. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the midst of the hectic ideas to put forward practical subjects that have close links with business and technology, some teachers assume that art-related subjects should be the focus at this time. Art is considered as an important subject that can increase the essence of students’ overall understanding and academic achievement.

Art is a way of enriching human experience. When a child is taught to paint and play an instrument, his creative powers and thoughts and expressions grow well. Moreover, aesthetic abilities such as color recognition and the ability to form lines and letters are the basis of modern design. Things like this will support the child’s ability to learn to sharpen logic. Children are not only able to do things like guided questions but can also take advantage of the knowledge they have acquired to create new forms of achievement and break the boundaries with creativity gained from art.

Art also means the ability to assess our position. When students enter the community, they are asked to be able to give something that is considered good. There is a boundary between what is good and what is bad, what is permissible and what is not, and the ability to judge is something that is crucially given by art. In other words, modern business demands workers to provide something that is not only morally and aesthetically categorized well but also must have a high novelty and individuality to be successful in society. Art is the real answer to all these demands.

In conclusion, by not ignoring other subjects that are also relevant, subjects related to art deserve special attention from the person in charge of the learning curriculum at schools. The arts can increase children’s creative power and help them in judging and have high individual values.



Deretan nama mitra bumibahasa 5 tahun terakhir ini. Yang saya ajar dari 2007 sampai 2013 mohon maaf udah nggak keinget namanya saking banyak dan lamanya.

1. Dewa ELTA – lanjut ke Australia
2. Lina ELTA – lanjut ke Australia
3. Misbakhul Munir – Amerika (Kentucky)
4. Cia Chen – Taylor Uni – Desainer
5. Bayu Kharisma – Doktor UGM Dosen Unpad
6. Seno Triadi – Asia Pacific Uni
7. Iqbal Kando – Dokter Spesialis Radiologi
8. Medyson Tolla – Guru Bahasa Inggris
9. Risal Ardika – Doktor Ilmu Tanah – Filipina
10. Leli Khairani – Master Keperawatan – Thailand
11. Chinta Novelia – Master Keperawatan – Thailand
12. Aira Mardela – Dosen
13. Gyan Nurmaindah – Dosen / Master Thailand
14. Wilona Wahab – Australia
15. Handiko Natanael – Ahli Hukum Minyak Skotlandia
16. Rola Naser – Spesialis di UI
17. Angga Diansari – BMKG Master di Polandia, skrg New Zealand.
18. Yahya Darmawan – Doktor BMKG – Taiwan
19. Ika Takarini – Fisioterapis Master Thailand
20. Agni Laili P – Peneliti HIV Master Taiwan
21. Juliana Putri – Desainer Master Australia UNSW
22. Ari Fina Bintarti – Peneliti di Michigan State
23. Fizul Surya – University of Twente
24. Nofri Rahmadika – Dokter kuliah di London SHTM
25. Afdholiatus Syafaah – Peneliti Master di Thailand
26. Gita Amiria – Insinyur Kuliah Master Teknik Polimer di Korea Selatan
27. Jimmy Irawan – Master di Melbourne – Kemenkeu
28. Maitri Nara Suari – BPK
29. Harmawan Susetiyana – Penerima Award Nilai IELTS Terbaik – lulus dari University of Antwerp
30. Mohamad Jeffry Giranza – University of Dundee
31. Diwo Putra Lubis – Beasiswa UI Jepang Ritsumeikan
32. Rahmat Irawan – Master Duke University – Kemenkeu
33. Novia Mesayuliza – Interpol, Master di University of York
34. Mohammad Darma Ardiyaniki – Polisi – Glasgow
35. Mutia – New Zealand
36. Fadil – dokter – lanjut di University of Oxford
37. Febrian Bagus Setiawan – beasiswa FETA Kemenkeu
38. Isyana Deviprameswari – beasiswa FETA Kemenkeu
39. Samba Dewangga – beasiswa FETA Kemenkeu
40. Fritz Okta Nehemnya – beasiswa FETA Kemenkeu
41. Dyah Retno – beasiswa TEH AC Thailand
42. Farida Uma Ternate –
43. Zalik Al Fakri – RMIT Melbourne
44. Peneliti Puslitbang BMKG
45. Marwan Riyandi – Queensland DJKN Kemenkeu
46. Pegawai DJPK Kemenkeu
47. Oluz Wangi – Ahli Genetik – Genomik
48. Ronal Ferdilan – lagi Doktor di SBM ITB
49. Indrastuti – Tokyo

Dan lain-lainnya mitra berharga yang tak bisa disebutkan satu persatu.

Jadi besok besok kalo sampe umur, ya umurnya ngga dibuang sia-sia. Udah dikasihin ke murid. Mereka yang jadi orang. Saya mah nyantai aja pake sendal jepit dan celana pendek kemana mana. Orang hanya bisa menjudge kan? Ya monggo.



Tourism these days has become a primary source of income for many countries. Yet this development also causes disastrous consequence towards culture and environment in many tourist spots. Why is this happening? What actions can be taken by the government to prevent worse things?

It is noticeable that many countries are attracted to utilize tourism industry in an effort to boost income. However, the possible negative impacts of international visitors are just ignored by the government. Within this financial opportunity, there lie hidden risks that we need to be aware of.

It is difficult to believe that even though most people consider tourism as a positive thing, some people hate it. There is a religion that believes drinking alcohol should not be allowed as it can make people drunk. However, many tourists in Bali go to the night clubs, drink beers, have a party and all kinds of things against rules of the religion. Some people perceive this as negativity due to tourism activities and they want the government to put a stop to this situation. Negative impacts are not only cultural but also environmental, as can be seen in the recent destruction of coral reefs near Raja Ampat area due to sheer number of amateur divers visiting the place in a tourism activity.

The government can and should do much more than just promoting some of Indonesian wonderful islands and beaches to the whole world. The main priority should be focused on creating flexible regulations that allow the tourists to enjoy their stay, yet maintain the pride of locals at the same time. Furthermore, the whole industry needs to start thinking about its long-term feasibility in order to maintain the business. In other words, the eco-tourism mindset should be emphasized early, and later it is all about finding the sweet spot between what is attractive for tourists and what is beneficial for all of us.

To sum up, the responsibility of managing a tourism scheme lies with the government, meaning that rules need to be made stricter as to shield local culture, a certain level of safeguard is needed. It is not demeaning at all to do so; in fact, it is crucial to ensure the sustainability prospect of our environment.