ini tabel amat sangat luar biasa berharga kalo paham cara bacanya
kenapa kok bisa berharga?
tabel ini menyatakan dengan jelas JAM BELAJAR yang perlu anda tunaikan di kelas sebelum ujian IELTS
contoh barang – nilai ujian IELTS anda 6 ..
artinya .. anda ada di range 23 – 26 benar ..
alias sekitar 550 jam masa belajar dari kecil.
kalo target anda 6.5 .. anda perlu setidaknya 2 band 7 ..
band 7 ada di 700 jam.
700 – 550 jam = anda butuh belajar 150 jam utk band 7 .. kalo anda dari band 6.
tabel ini sudah saya pajang untuk publik dari 2015 …
adi bukan barang baru

1. Do you exercise and love doing it?
I think I am not very fit as an individual. I know I need to exercise more than the current level I do now. I only jog for twenty minutes every morning and as much as I love doing that … I love my undisturbed sleep even more …

2. Do young people in your country exercise? Why?
Young people in my country are very aware of the importance of health. They always try to be involved in marathon, running, and the culture that goes along with it. Weekends are the most popular time due to the Car Free Day regulation that allows many people to enjoy the vacant street in the middle of the metropolis.

3. How much sleep do you get? Is it enough?
I think I sleep about six hours every day. I go to bed at about 12 and wake up at about 6 a.m or 5 a.m … Honestly, I don’t think it’s enough sleep for me … But I am just too busy and can’t change my sleep pattern easily. There’s so many things to do …

4. What do you do when you have trouble sleeping?
Well, I usually make myself a glass of warm milk and try to put on a warm kajuputi oil in my back, chest and belly. If it is cold, I wear socks to help me sleep. If I am cozy enough, I try not to be distracted by phone so turning off the phone is the key to be able to sleep. I sleep immediately after I turn my phone off.

5. When visitors came to your place – what’s the occassion, – what you did, how you felt –
People usually come to my place or my house during Idul Fitri. It is a big day for all moslem and they usually come to enjoy some meals and have a enjoyable conversation with members of the family. What I did is that I try to be a good host.

6. advantages of staying at friends place and in hotel?
Well, it’s quite simple really. When you stay with your mates you will be able to safe some money and you get to spend days talking with your friend. If that person is really compatible to you, you will be very comfortable because you get to share many things that you both like. On the other hand, the hotel offers you privacy to do anything without other people. So if you plan to bring your girlfriend or wife, of course it doesn’t make sense to stay at your friends because there is no privacy whatsoever. The hotel is expensive but it gives you room to have fun and don’t forget the swimming pool and delicious food in the restaurants.

7. What service should hotel provide?
Well, hotels anywhere in the world should aim to provide luxurious accommodation and enjoyable food. The room should be comfortable, the bed should be cozy and there should be delicious food in the menu. Only by doing so can the hotels compete with other options such as villas or resort which usually offers beautiful view or strategic location. In my opinion, it is very important for hotels to have good restaurants and quality chef along with comfortable room.

8. What host country should do for tourists from different countries?
In the name of promoting tourism, I think it is essential that governments are friendly in doing their job. For example, the border or the airport officers who handle immigration can sometimes be rude and act without any politeness at all. This cannot happen. It is essential that although they need to be strict and secure .. at the same time they should also be kind and nice to visitors.

9. Do you often fly by planes?
Well, I sometimes fly during my vacation or if my trip needs me to go around the nation. But it is not that frequent. Perhaps two or three times in a year.

10. What do you think, will you fly more in the future?
Well, if the situation needs me to do so, then I think it is highly likely. I am currently planning to study abroad so if I am studying let’s say in Australia or Netherlands, I believe I will have the air journey more often than now.

11. If you get a chance, will you fly to space, why?
Well, Mr Elon Musk is thinking to relocate people from Earth to Mars and he is looking for volunteers to do the job. I believe with the progress of space travel in the future, this kind of thing will just be as safe as plane. So Space Travel is a big possibility let’s say 100 years from now. But I don’t know for sure if I still live long enough to see the day.

12. An interesting lesson which you learned at school?
The most interesting lesson I had when I was in the school was the poco poco dance. This was a type of traditional dance which had been popular for quite some time in North Sulawesi Area … And then there was the dance which was the hype at the time. I believe the lesson took place during Physical Exercise. My P.E teacher started to play the cassette and the music cue went along and he just started dancing and asked the whole class to follow his move. It was unique and awkward at the same time. yeah .. so there’s that.

13. Do your friends find this lesson interesting?
Everyone thinks that the dance itself .. although it was embarrassing to move your body like that … but it was actually quite enjoyable, so yeah they liked it a lot.

14. Which areas of work will be in demand in the future?
Well, I really think that people will need more programmer and database expert in the future. The future will integrate technology into layers of our lives, and if we talk about data … it is all about programming and creating a database to work with. So I truly believe that if someone has the expertise in this field, he will be highly required by many IT companies.

15. Apart from facilities and pieces of equipment in the school, are sports facilities required? Why?
Well, I think sports facilities are very essential to be have in the school. Places such as wide field that can be used for athletic track and playing football can be the centre of students attention. Students always love sports and they like being the centre of attention. In addition, swimming pool and basketball or badminton court can also be good additions to improve the reputation of a school. People will love to enroll in a school with swimming pool as one of its sports facilities.

16. Do you think the young generation in your country focuses on maintaining their health?
Well, I certainly hope so. But people can be easily distracted, I mean sometimes their true reason or motive is simply to look glam or stylish and not really the healthy lifestyle itself. They just want some beautiful pictures to be put in their social medias. Focus in health needs to be improved, for instance, some teenagers are doing drugs or some still smoke using e-cigar or vaping. That is really unhealthy and should be stopped.

17. What is the main aim of education in your country?
The main aim of education. Well, that’s clearly to improve the quality of Indonesian citizen as human resource is the most important capital in development. That is why the government through the Endowment Fund, give scholarships to many students so they can continue their education overseas, obtaining highest quality degree that will be useful for developing our nation in the future. The increase of human development index clearly needs more educated people.

18. Do parents play an important role in imparting education to children? Why?
Well, for obvious reasons, parents are the figure that their children will look at. If the children respect their parents then of course they will need education from the parents. However, some parents are not respected by the children. As a result, it is difficult for them to impart some kind of morale education to the children, because the children do not think it is useful to communicate with the parents. This is happening almost in every family right now. Teenagers are no longer looking forward to talking to their parents simply because all information can be obtained from the smartphone.

19. A sportsperson you admire talk about him.
I really admire a basketball player named Michael Jordan. He is one of the best players to ever play the game. Many people think of him as the God of Basketball. He was playing for Chicago Bulls when he was active in the NBA. I grew up respecting him and trying hard to imitate all his moves in the court. As a businessman he was very rich and successful with many advertisements such as Gatorade, and Nike. He even played as himself in cartoon called Space Jam along with some famous looney tunes characters. He was very competitive as an individual and he always works harder than anyone else. His famous quote is: I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I cannot accept not trying. And it motivates me to be better person every single day.

20. Should sports be compulsory in schools?
Well, I believe although sports is important. Students should be able to choose the subject. Some students are physically weak and so they are always threatened or intimidated by the subject. They cannot afford to risk themselves, for example break their bones or other minor injuries. It can prevent them from attending other more important subjects such as Math, Science, or English.

21. Should parents push children to take part in sports?
Well, there is a clear line between pushing and encouraging. I think children can use encouragement. They don’t know whether something is good or not for them until they have hands-on experience on the matter. Same goes with sports, if you don’t try it then you’ll never know if you are any good at it. However, pushing has the connotation that the children already dislike the activity. So I guess it is better not to push anyone … if they like it they’ll come TO it … if they don’t like sports all that much, that should be fine too.

22. Should sports person be a rolemodel?
Well, I believe that anyone can be a role model if they are doing something positive consistently in their life. People need to have a rolemodel that does not emphasise in the result or the success, but I believe people should look up to others who always work hard and give 100 percent in their life. Sometimes, the most hard-working person does not get the result he aims. This is life. And in sports, this kind of reality tend to be overlooked as everyone always looks eagerly to the champion.

23. Any sportsperson that helped your country internationally?
Well, as an Indonesian, I’m really proud with Indonesian athletes in all sports that have given their best for the nation. Alan Budikusuma and Susi Susanti from Badminton, Ricky Rexy, and ,… Yayuk Basuki from tennis, Chris John from Boxing … These are the sportsperson who ARE always be the pride of the nation because of their good deed and achievement.

24. Would you like to be a champion?
Well, of course everyone wants to be the champion of the world. But don’t forget that, there are hundreds of hours spent in working hard and practicing intensively every day that often overlooked or ignored by the fans. Fans only applaud you during your prime age. However, when we get older or physically unfit due to injury or any other problems, there are always young generation who will replace your talent as a champion. And that’s why I think becoming a champion is only suitable for people with the right mentality.

25. Should nations spend money on national teams?
Well, every sports team will need money in order to boost their performance and achievement. Everything needs money and sports is not all that different. Athletes need money to pay for the coach, and to pay for their equipment, meals, and salary along with accommodation. Facilities need to be improved, so yes, I believe in order to achieve good results in competition, some amount of money need to be allocated on our national teams.

26. What do you do when you feel bored?
Whenever I feel bored, I always try to watch movies. I really enjoy watching movies as it helps me relax and improves my English at the same time.

27. What was your boring experience?
I once had to wait for almost one hour when I needed to change money in the foreign currency trader. There was nothing I could do but waiting for my numbers to come up. I only looked up my phone and tried to spend time by watching youtube.

28. Do you think celebrities are getting more money and why?
Well, I am not quite familiar with the issue like that. I have no knowledge about income of celebrities and honestly I think celebrities are always getting more money. Why? Because they are endorsed by companies that want their product to be sold. So there are correlation between how hype a celebrity is and the amount of money she gets. In Indonesia, Chelsea Islan is one of the rising celebrities and there are many products that use her to advertise products. This example goes to show that getting more money these days are mostly related to trend in advertisement. Public figure helps things get sold.

29. What is their influence on younger people?
Well, younger people should be classified into two categories. Smart ones and not so smart ones. People who get stuck with celebrities instagram are passive followers who have nothing to do but imitate what these celebs do. Smart teenagers, on the other hand, they are not affected by celebrities because they have better goals and missions in life. So not everyone really cares about the so called celebrity.

30. What are the disadvantages?
Well, when people act as a fan, they will blindly follow anything without thinking clearly. This is certainly a disadvantage and not the trait of intellectual people. Therefore, I really disagree with people who think their life need to be based on certain famous individuals. In my opinion, that’s just lame and naive.

Which time of the day you prefer working? and why?
I am not all that different with most people. My regular working hour starts at 7.30 a.m and if everything is normal, means that I don’t have to stay longer at work, I punch out at 4 pm. So yeah I am mostly effective in the morning. After lunch, we tend to become a bit sleepy and lazy. Three pm .. we’re just waiting to go home …

Do you use dictionaries? Why / why not?
Well, I use dictionary of course. It is helpful if you want to find out the exact definition of a particular word. Sometimes you are not sure about how it’s pronounced. Sometimes you are confused about the slight subtlety in meaning … the nuance .. or the particular context we can use certain words … a dictionary can be very helpful, if you use it in the right way …

Which dictionary do you prefer – paper or online? Why?
Well, it depends on where I am at that particular moment. If I am at my working room where I keep all my dictionaries collection of course I can easily open them up and look up the words I need to find. However, when I’m in the middle of hundreds of people crowding the commuter line, it is much easier for me to open the online cambridge dictionary and type in the words I want to know. It’s simpler that way.

Would you like to write a dictionary someday? Why?
Haha … I cannot imagine myself as a lexicographer. It is certainly a job for people who have spend most of his life as a wordsmith, being pedantic and all that kind of thing. I’m just a simple man … I have neither the talent nor the skill to compile a dictionary. It’s something … well perhaps not really impossible, I just can’t see myself doing that kind of thing ever….

Do you like travelling? Why / Why not?
I certainly enjoy all kinds of travelling as long as I’m not using my own money to pay for all the expenses. If someone else is paying up for all the cost then I really enjoy traveling, and I’m a supertraveler. However, if the cost should come out of my pocket. I won’t pay. I rather sleep at home and watch tv and play computer games while sipping on cocktail and soda all day long.

Have you travelled by plane?
Yes I have. I always travel by plane from Sumatra to Java, or from Java to Maluku Island. It’s the fastest way to travel around Indonesia.

Would you like to travel to space? Why / Why not?
Space travel is always intriguing. I imagine the safety level should be high before anyone would like to go to outerspace. I mean there’s nothing to do there. You just basically float in a limited space and see darkness and that’s it. I don’t see such thing as a fun thing to do … although some people may think it can be exciting. What if you want to poop or something? It’s very difficult to manouvre without gravity and do all the things you take for granted when you are in earth.

Describe how you like to spend time with older people in your family. Who are they? When do you spend with them? What you like to do with them? Why you like to spend time with them?
I am going to talk about the time I spent with my late grandmother. This was an old story because my grand mother passed away in 1999. I was just 9 year old when my father and my mother had their divorce. And after that my father stayed in his father’s house for about three years and as my father worked, I spent most of the time at home with my grandma. My grandfather was a retired lieutenant from the police corps, so he was a tough, discipline gentleman. While my grandma was kind hearted and she always made delicious meals. She often told me stories about my father’s childhood. She also told me to be a good boy and I think she loved me so much. I like spending time with her particularly because she was soft-spoken. She got asthma and in her later years, she had a stroke which limited her movement. I took care of her every day and I enjoyed every time I spent taking care of her. Come to think about it, I really missed her a lot.

Do you think older people should be treated better?
I think older people should be treated nicely. They are weak and they start to have problems that they don’t encounter in their younger years. They have been nice their whole life, so it is only natural that we do the same with our elders. And not just our family. Every older person should be treated nicely. When time comes then will be at the same situation. Things will be difficult because we are no longer as strong physically as we want it to be. We would want other people to help ease our life even just for a tiny bit.

Do you think younger generation do not respect the older people?
Well, I think you cannot expect young people to be rude, or to be nice. Generalizing over something is not a very bright idea in any kind of field. There’s always some minor percentage of the youth that act rude like they don’t care. There will always be that kind of people. But it does not mean that every adolescents will be rude in their actions towards the elder. I think most parents have taught the manner and behavior to their children and they will act accordingly.

How do your family spend time together?
Well, if it comes to leisure time, the favorite thing in my family is going to the cinema and a restaurant. Usually we will watch a movie in the afternoon and then we buy some nice meals in the restaurant and we eat it at home. Then after that, we will have something to talk about before we go to sleep.

Do your friends family spend time the same way?
Well, I think my friends family mostly enjoy traveling to other places or cities or even overseas. Most of my friends like to spend time in exotic places so that their life will look as fun and enjoyable. In my opinion, they are dictated by the need to do some social climbing in their facebook or instagram, so they will always try to find something new in their life by visiting new places. I think it’s kinda sad to travel but you’re actually just looking for approval from other people. If I travel, I don’t feel the need to show it off every place I visit, and you say I’ll post this as some kind of memory, when, in reality you just want to harvest the likes from your followers or audience.

Do you agree that a lot of people don’t spend much time with family?
Well, people are really busy with work these days and as a result, the amount of time they spend together with family has been declining. In fact, most families that have both parents working are struggling to have a quality time. I keep thinking that parents need to talk to each other so they have at least some free time to go somewhere or do activity as a family. It is difficult because the scheduling of the school or the work.

Some people think that international competitive sports such as football bring conflict between people of different age groups and nationalities. Others think sport is helping reach understanding between people and nations. Discuss both views and give your opinion. (19 agustus)

More and more people enjoy football match every day from television and from watching a live match in the stadium. It is no wonder because football is one of the most popular sports in the world. However, events such as world cup or European championship have been said to cause conflict between nationalities. Yet, some people think it is the exact opposite of football and other global-scale sports event actually bring us closer as a global community.

Fanatic fans exist all over the world. They support their national team with immense patriotism. However, this fanatic spirit sometimes may be uncontrolled and as a result, there will be a clash between fans. The Italian and Korean team in 2002 hated each other so much after Italian was beaten by a golden goal made by Ahn Jung Hwan who played in Italian club. He was then immediately sacked by his club, Perugia, after the goal, and this incident showed how patriotism can be misguided.

On the other hand, sports can also bring us closer. For example, when Japan had lost to Belgium 3-2 in the recent 2018 world cup, the fans of Japan clean the stadium. The Japan team also clean their locker and said thank you in Russia. This simple act of dignified response after losing made many people love Japanese culture even more and they appreciate their attitude. Not so many countries gain such positive appreciation, and Japan has shown us that the way you act is important.

All in all, I conclude that sports are mostly positive and bring us together. It is our attitude and heart that decide the outcome of a global sports event. We can make it brimming and be shining with positive value as the example set out by Japan, or we can show to people that we are the sore loser as can be seen in the Italian case.

Family plays an important role in child’s life. Other than family there are other factors which influence the development of a child. Do you agree or disagree? (18 agustus)

Family can have a very strong influence on a child’s journey throughout his/her life. However, factors such as friends and schools can also shape a child’s development.

A family consists usually of father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, auntie and the grandparents. These people interact on a daily basis with children and, in general, they become the main influence on values, which can be positive and negative. For example, a mother who likes to cook and likes to have a clean house will be likely to inherit these traits from her sons/daughters. The children of such a brilliant mother will enjoy being in the kitchen helping with meals preparation and they will dislike things that are not clean or neat. They get these values from their mom and this goes to show how influential family members can be.

On the other hand, when the children have grown up a little bit and become teenagers, they will also interact with people other than their immediate family members. Friends can come and go and they bring all sorts of influence, which can be both positive and negative. If a kid makes friends with someone of his age that is diligent and enjoys creative works, this friend might influence the kid to also be diligent and creative. For instance, they will paint together, or perhaps form a band. They will study together and set to solve homework given from school and even do experiments together. They will spend some time in the school library or school lab as a group. In contrast, children who befriend a delinquent teenager can also be misguided to drug abuse, smoking, and drinking. Therefore, friends can also shape a kid’s life after a certain age.

In conclusion, I believe family members should be the role model for any children. In addition, as friends are proven to be influential, it is important for parents to pay attention to their children’s friends. If we choose our friends wisely, we can be influenced in a very positive way.